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8. Spirulina for athletes?

Spirulina is a high intensity superfood for a high intensity workout. Taken before jogging or competition, it delivers energy and improves stamina. Bikers, backpackers and mountain climbers will appreciate this lightweight survival food.

For bodybuilders, it offers 60% protein and amino acids, low in fat. It's helpful for reducing caloric intake, essential for maintaining competitive weight.

World Class athletes use spirulina to improve performance. The Cuban Ministry of Sports gave it to their athletes to intensify training before the 1996 Olympic games. Cuban track stars have consumed it for many years. They say it helps create and mend muscle mass and helps iron retention. It improves endurance and wards of cramping for marathoners. When training increases appetite, spirulina curbs hunger.

When Robert Henrikson, author of the book "Earth Food Spirulina: How this remarkable blue-green algae can transform your life and our planet", was invited to the largest Chinese training center for 2000 athletes, he thought he was going to introduce them to spirulina. But he soon found out it was their secret ingredient the Chinese have been using for five years. The trainers prescribed it for athletes for all sports. It boosts the immune system and improves recovery, so their athletes can intensify training, for which they are famous.

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